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Guilin Hotel (Grand Link Hotel Guilin), Guishan Huaxing Hotel est situé au bord du Lijiang de Guilin, dans le 'monde des montagnes', à proximité de l 'emblème de la ville Xiangshan, près du parc de sept étoiles, Zizhou Park, à 10 minutes du Centre de la Ville, de la gare, du parc de haute technologie, du Centre international des Congrès, à 45 minutes de l' aéroport international des deux fleuves de Guilin, est un jardin de luxe adjacent au parc de Lijiang.Le nouvel hôtel chinois de guishan a été conçu de manière à conserver le jardin, 581 chambres élégantes et confortables entourant les quatre paysages du printemps, de l 'été, de l' automne et de l 'hiver.Yulan Cafe, hexixuan Chinese Restaurant, aileron restaurant in Thailand, chizu japanese cuisine, Jing Ling, réunissant l 'Europe, l' Amérique du Nord, le Guangdong, la Thaïlande et le Japon pour la gastronomie; 11 salles de conférence, d 'une superficie totale de 1 400 mètres carrés, peuvent accueillir entre 10 et 800 personnes pour diverses réunions.Yan huitemple couvre une superficie de 629 mètres carrés, sans colonne Multi - fonctionnel salle de banquet.Advanced Audio - Visual equipment, Professional Conference personnel, 6gwi - FI, afin de faciliter votre voyage de conférence.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.
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  • dujingjin
    Nice distance stars very close to the Park, very convenient and comfortable
  • biby_wu
    Spacious and bright, very new, and buffet breakfast very good
  • andyicein
    From the hotel lobby feel the five-star hotel service, swimming pool and no lifeguards.
  • ambroseluo
    One of the worst services did not! set Deluxe booked two days! to the standard room I did not say anything to check out this very day has been knocking at the door have been urging!
  • junjun86117
    One of the worst services did not! set Deluxe booked two days! to the standard room I did not say anything to check out this very day has been knocking at the door have been urging!
  • fyjsnj
    Hotel, hotel is very large, Riverview terrace facing the river and the forests are very good, the hotel breakfast, be generally recommend staying!
    Room photos, satisfaction! will continue to stay!
  • ailvyou5022
    Qixing near scenic location. features of landscape design in the hotel is very good, called Garden Hotel, walking is also good. There's free pool, this is fabulous. Facilities are excellent.
  • BelleLuna
  • lyxyj
    Only general business hotels, health, convenience. to seven star rock scenic area can walk, elephant trunk Hill just across the river.
  • e00999522
    Hotel far from the city center, out of taxis is not convenient. breakfast compared with the five-star hotel standards are too poor, half price for children more than 1.2 to 49, it's worth!
  • libno
    Team too much, check-in and check-out to wait for a long time, others can also
  • candy.fang
    A bit long ... ... ... ...
  • ColinMa
  • Po baby
    It wasn't too bad
  • BruceJolene
    Very good experience. holiday bright and spacious hotel is new, breakfast very good, more is the shower room good., Garden, swimming pool, breakfast was very good ... Super recommend. yet despite the episode prior to arrival, but does not affect the love of it.
  • angela0123
    It wasn't too bad
  • Moon06
  • didia
    The old five-star room facilities obsolete
  • davisdai2004
    Comfortable hotel, the rooms are big enough, are not equipped with some sewing kits such as cotton swabs
  • amysun
    Environment on the tall, beautiful, hotel is very large, bathroom too small
  • cooooooooool
    Downtown hotel in a quiet, and convenient transportation. distance Zi Zhou Park seven-one step away, the surrounding environment to eat tastes good, fair price. is travel choice.
  • e00249507
    OK, is the room too small
  • angelmeter
    Hotel great position is so biased, seemingly on the Li River, but it is on the river side, and the Center across the River in Guilin, around a bit out of it.
  • lavender060
    High performance-price ratio, good environment
  • Megan7877
    Very nice hotel, restaurant bring the wine at no additional charge, is dinner 8:30 it started to turn off the air conditioner, day 7:30 P.M. we steam sauna at the hotel meal ... But the next day, you do not have this problem, big feast is very characteristic, praising, outside the city attractions are very close, Xiangshan, seven to fall back on in the side.
  • dav781
    Hotel is nice, the appearance of opening up is the atmosphere, the lobby is also very comfortable, room clean and tidy, there is a small garden, very good, suitable for family stay.
  • E03750903
  • man_strive
    Nice little Chinese-style gardens, outside the more remote traffic slightly feel inconvenience
  • e01160374
    Good hotel, Garden Hotel, fresh air, from the scenic seven-10 minutes away (on foot). big room ... great service ... the only thing missing is around the hotel a little something to eat.
  • mabelwang98
    Position slightly, but the little Guilin, is not an issue ... probably at least 4 stars, less peripheral, so it was very quiet, not far from the River, walking, scenic Lijiang River here is not good.
  • play music to eat and drink
    Can decent people.
  • doumiao
    All right
  • e01030607
    Pretty good, like
  • jannyfang
    Very good hotel, comfortable.
  • ius2081
    Like this quiet, although a certain distance away from the downtown area, but hotel facilities are very good, the next time you come to the hotel, check-out time is too slow, hope in the high season can be more manpower
  • aniebaby
    A bit old
  • e02637070
    Friends of Guilin is that, very good
  • fengfan1366
    Facilities and sanitation can. Design in the hotel like. service improvement. for example, forgot to take the card out, and finally, after identity verification at the front desk on the first floor, also outside the door waiting for ten minutes or more to see the waiters come to the door, this ... ... In addition, the rooms at the TV in room not open, asked the waiter, after talking to wait 20 minutes to a TV to see. OK, just wait for it, 20 minutes later, no, waiterToss for a while, said TV is broken, get fast 11-point TV watching in the evening.
  • brennalu
    Location, hotel was good ... next time you used to live.
  • lg112233
    Yes, as long as this is.
  • xswan
    Swimming pool good gym make do, live quite comfortable, service was good
  • liu376
    Nice hotel, too lazy to say how badly.
  • p502315043
    Good hotel in this price. Can compare to any 4 star hotel.
  • e01040677
    That's good.
  • e00137886
    Hotel itself is very well decorated atmosphere, beautiful gardens, broad corridor, rooms comfortable. transport is not very convenient. 7 minutes away from the hotel there is a rice noodle franchise store of Shandong Guilin rice noodles are very good.
  • v22maggielin
    Well, well ... ... ... ...
  • yuanallen
    Environment is pretty good, very quiet, ideal for holidays.
  • SweeTs
    Value for money was good, the price can live to the floor or Jiang Jingfang (although the water super clean) room has arrived, is to lift up the stairs too far, almost not found in around the stairway.
  • Grey_Dai
    Good, recommended